About NBC

Founded in 1994, the National Banking College (NBC) was the first specialist academic training institution for middle to top level bankers.

Over the years the College has grown to carve a new mission and vision offering, from relevant applied research spanning a uniquely broad range of fields to specialist consultancy services.

In 2009, over 2,400 participants passed through the gated campus of NBC, ranging from the most promising undergraduates to experienced senior managers and board level practitioners. Whether students and programme members are taking a Diploma or an MBA, or participating in an open executive programme, at NBC they will be inspired and empowered to advance, achieve and excel.

The NBC was set up at a time when the banking and finance segments of the financial services industry were undergoing embryonic structural adjustments. In 1994, there were 16 (universal/commercial) banks plus a handful of other bank and non-bank financial institutions. Today, there are 200 bank and non-bank financial institutions including Universal Banks (26), Rural & Community Banks (136),

Finance Houses (19), Savings & Loans companies (18) and Mortgage Company (1). Besides, there are over 1,300 Susu Collectors, which together have changed the landscape of the banking sector changed beyond recognition.

A proud history

NBC is proud of its brief but insightful history as an institution of further and higher education. Since its inception in 1994, it has been able to grow and develop into one of Ghana’s top educational establishments.

Throughout its history, NBC has been building upon its distinctive characteristics. Today it is Ghana’s leading educational institution for bankers, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, strong links with business, especially the financial services industry and external institutions of higher learning.

NBC continues to adapt successfully to the needs of stakeholders by investing in top-rate facilities for teaching, learning, research and consultancy.

NBC can boast of a highest quality teaching and research with the broadest spread of subjects and programmes, affording the institution the ability to compete with the best in the financial services industry in Ghana and in the West Africa sub-region.

NBC is the largest single-campus financial services educational institution in Ghana, offering a greater choice of programmes and options spanning academic and professional courses and training modules, and even better facilities and support services.

Vision for the future

The Principal of NBC, Abena Kessewaa Brown, is committed to pioneering a bold and exciting strategic plan – which aims at sustaining NBC as the top financial services educational institution in Ghana.

The strategic plan identifies goals for all NBC’s principal activities, including:

  • High international standing
  • Relevant applied research
  • Exemplary knowledge and technology transfer
  • Excellent teaching and learning
  • Empowering collegiality
  • Efficient and effective management

The vision for NBC’s future is an ambitious one. Its realisation will demand energy and commitment and superb execution

Our new mission

To be a world-class research institution, delivering effective teaching and learning in the banking and finance segments of the financial services industry, and to play a leading role in the economic development of Ghana.

As one of Ghana’s leading educational institutions, NBC’s reputation rests on the quality of its teaching, outstanding research, and the consultancy services provided for business and the financial services industry.

NBC continually strives for innovation and excellence in our teaching and learning, with a focus on skills development.

These strengths are underpinned by substantial ongoing investment in infrastructure and development.

NBC’s attractive single-campus provides an environment that is stimulating and supportive, offering first-rate facilities for both students and staff. There is a real pride in the College that touches everyone associated with it, and this pride continues to grow.

Research activities

The current research interests of Faculty members include

  • Banking Regulation and the Customer Interest Protection
  • Corporate Governance in Banks: a case study of Ghana
  • Capital Market Development and Risk Management
  • Financial Performance Evaluation of Listed Financial Services Institutions in Ghana
  • The Battle for the Ghana’s Savings

Meeting the challenges

In the short period of its existence, NBC has witnessed the highs and lows of economic activities both at home and abroad. NBC has learned from, embraced and responded to change throughout its lifetime, and stands apart as a unique and progressive institution of learning for the next century. NBC programmes are carefully designed to address the ever-evolving challenges facing the banking industry at every level.

Developing leaders

NBC will continue to develop leaders to make the right choices for themselves, their organisations and the wider communities in which they exist. Whilst NBC’s reach and scale are presently domestic, the services provided, and the attention to detail afforded, will always be personal to the needs of each programme member.

This vision is underpinned by NBC’s core values:

  • That the learner and their continued development is central to what we do.
  • That character and integrity are as important as capability.
  • That wealth creation is important for society as a whole and not just for individuals.
  • That building management and leadership capability builds both wealth and the welfare of society.

Let’s start building your future with us.