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Message from the Principal

Comprehensive Banking Education Programme

To compete favourably within the local economy and international markets banks are working to identify new business niches, develop customized services to implement innovative strategies and capture new market opportunities.

This has brought greater business diversification of the financial services industry. The race to provide a wide variety of services to the local economy and international markets has completely changed the dynamics of banking, as we know it.

Over the past few years there has also been an increasing convergence between the activities of banks and other emerging financial institutions. Banking that covers services such as cash management (money tranfers, deposit services etc.) are all under intense competition from other non-banking institutions that compete directly in money market operations.

These non-bank institutions are hard at work developing banking technology to reach a new generation of customers with devices these consumers already own, use and love. With technology increasing at an exponential pace, the day may be approaching when all banking can be conducted using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.

So the big question is; how do traditional banks maintain their competitive advantage? The answer starts with the nature of banking education. At the College the emphasis is on developing the human capital to create the empowerment needed to achieve the banks’ objective.

The College conducts Training Needs Assessment periodically within the financial services industry to enable designing of a training programme aimed at filling the knowledge and skills gaps of bank staff as established in the assessment.

The programme is known as “Comprehensive Banking Education Programme”. It is specifically designed to meet the training needs of banks and financial institutions and touches on all levels of staff from Supervisory through Managerial to Executive staff.

The College’s Programme caters for the banking education and skills development of staff in the building industry  in the country and the West Africa Sub Region.

The College also offers academic training at the MBA level.

As an industry-based education institution, the College prides itself in staying closely attuned to those it serves. This means nurturing a close relationship with its members to proactively identify emerging training and education needs. We pay careful attention to what members say and will continue to develop a comprehensive, quality knowledge base that reflects our members’ needs.

We have the honour of working hand in hand with you to develop the skills and competencies required for our mutual development.


Let’s start building your future with us.