Faculties & Programmes

Faculties & Programmes

NBC operates along Faculty lines that reflect the functional areas of a typical bank financial institution. The six Faculties are:

Banking Operations Management
  1. Effective Branch Management
  2. Legal and Reglatory Framework in Banking Operations
  3. Documentary Credit For Practitioners
  4. Warehouse Receipts & Collateral Management
  5. E-Banking Business Opportunies & Risks
  6. Operational Risk Appetite, Governance & Indicators
  7. Guarantees & Standby Letters of Credt in Internatoinal Trade
  8. The Risk Based Approach to AML/CFT Trade Based Money Laundering
  9. Enterprise Risk Management in Banks
  10. Banking Fraud & Other Financial Crimes
Risk & Regulatory Management
  1. Operational Risks
  • Risk Management for Branch Frontline and Supervisors
  • Branch Performance Risk Management for Retail Branch Manager
  1. Operational Risks Regulations
  • Regulation of Bank Retail Operational Risk
  1. Credit Risk
  • Introduction to Credit Risk Analysis and Report Writing
  • Advance Risk Management for Bank Credit Analysis
  1. Project Finance
  • Managing Risk in Project Financing
  1. Credit Risk Regulations
  • Regulations of Banl Credit Risk
  1. Oil & Gas
  • Risk Management of Downstream oil and gas import Financing
  1. Market Risk
  • Emerging Market Risk Management In Banks
  1. Payment Systems
  • Risk in Payment Systems
  1. Integration & System –based Programs
  • Advanced Risk Management of Bank Balance Sheet
  • Advance Risk Management for Bank Auditors
Credit Risk Managment
  1. Introduction to Credit Management
  2. Credit Risk Analysis and Management
  3. Loan Portfolio Management
  4. Retail & Consumer Lending
  5. Agricultural Lending
  6. Project Appraisal: Methods and Techniques
  7. Problem Loan Management
  8. Lending to importers & Exporters
  9. Syndicated Lending
Human Resource Management
  1. Contemporary Issues in Bank Management
  2. Bank Marketing
  3. Customer Service Management
  4. Foundation skills for Teams Leaders & Supervisors
  5. Strategic Leadership & management Skills for Seniors Managers
  6. Conflict and Negotiations
  7. Management Development for women in Banking
  8. Customer Service Management
  9. Human Resource Management skills for Managers
  10. HR management in contemporary Organization
  11. Stress Management
Information , Communication Technology
  1. Advance Microsoft office –Excel
  2. Microsoft Access- Building Database application
  3. Information Security Audit (ISO 270001:2005), Frameworks, Implementation and Audit
  4. Contemporary project management skills for Success
  5. Penetration Testing: Tools and Techniques
  6. Oracle 12c New features
  7. Management Skills for IT Environment
  8. Designing Effective Data warehousing
  9. Project Management Professional (PMP) Exams Prep
  10. Building ASP.NET Web Application: Hands-On
  11. Business Simulation Modelling using ProModel
  12. Microsoft Project Tool Kit
Treasury Management
  1. How the Financial Market Works & The Treasury Function?
  2. The Money Market Operations
  3. Understanding Corporate Treasury & the Market of Treasury Product
  4. Fixed Income Market- The Secondary Market In Government Securities
  5. Asset & Liability Management
  6. The Treasury Operations & the Market Risks Function

Each of the foregoing Faculties delivers a suite of programmes that engender participants to apply knowledge, skills, and exercise professional judgement in the application of the various subject areas in a range of business contexts and situations. Additionally, new programmes are emplaced to cater for Strategic Marketing

The programmes are prepaid by the subscribing institutions.

Besides, the College delivers postgraduate and professional programmes that are either internally and/or externally examined. Otherwise termed commercial programmes, participants pay on attendance.

Commercial Programmes

Management and Leadership
  1. Advance Management and Leadership Development Programme (2x)
  2. Leading and Coaching for Superior Performance (2x)
  3. Personal Leadership and Effectiveness
  4. Effective Communication and Presentation Skills
  5. Inside the Boardroom: Enhancing Corporate Governance
  6. Driving Growth  through Superior Talent & Performance Management Strategies
Finance and Wealth Management
  1. Investment Management Workshop
  2. The New CFO: Strategic Financial Leadership Programme (2x)
  3. Private Banking and Wealth Management (2x)
Strategy and Change Management
  1. Mastering Strategy :Building  & Sustaining  Competitive  Advantage
  2. Leading Strategic Growth & Organizational Transformation
  3. Economics of Markets  and business Model Innovation
Marketing and Service Design
  1. Essential Customer Service  Skills for Business Growth
  2. Personal Selling and Relationship Management
  3. Design and Execution of Service Excellence Programmes


  • Certified  Cashiering & Frontline Executive
  • Certified Credit Administrator
  • Certified Retail Operation & Marketer
  • Basic Banking

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